An overdue, over-emotional post about the London 10K

The 2am Letters

The short version… 

After five months of banging on about running I actually did the bloody run. And it was bloody wonderful, and I’ve never had a feeling like it that I can talk about in polite company. I was so emotional it’s taken me a week to scrape together this blog post. And I’m doing a half Marathon in October, and then – if I get in and don’t prang myself – a Marathon next year.

The long version…

Some people are natural runners. Some people run because they’re so emotionally battered the only relief can come from doing something completely unnatural.

After the suicide of one of my closest friends four years ago I immediately pledged to Do Something in his honour and fundraise for mental health….then never bothered; probably because I was sore from people asking very personal questions and thought it’d only encourage more of that. The idea of…

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